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We are delivering Chechil snacks cheese from the Czech Republic to YOU and to German Pubs & Restaurants.

Chechil is a smoked, braided, string cheese that perfectly combined with a variety of beers and wines.

The highland cheese production and its unique prescription are unrivalled because of its long-standing tradition. Customers who want to taste something exceptional and special can review these products and will enjoy their selection and unique tasty experience.

Chechil is a handmade production of the Czech Republic Company 'Milkeffekt', anyway, the company holds the IFS certificate on the highest level and exports around the whole world. For now, we introduce 2 series of Chechil (smoked & natural). These products are easily eaten as snacks by drinking beer, vine etc. In this range also includes natural Chechil, which is very popular, even among the children because of their design and fine taste. Furthermore, Chechil is very healthy product and low fat.

Chechil can be also given as a gift for home parties and in a special vine meeting. This product is very popular Western Europe, Central Asia and many other countries. Chechil made by Scalded cheese from pasteurized cow's milk (95,5%), salt (4,5%). The package contains 500 gr of cheese. Life storage of a product (60natural/70smoked) days.


Chechil natural 500gr - 11,0€


Chechil smoked 500gr - 11,1€


If you own a bar, store, or restaurant and would like to carry Chechil please see our wholesale pricing by contacting directly by phone or email.